QBP Expands, Again

Most of our readers probably know Quality Bike Products (QBP) was started in a Twin Cities area small office.  During their first year they made $100,000 and had two employees, by 2008 they employed over 450 people and brought in $150 million.  This year QBP took another big step to becoming a behemoth in the world of wholesale supply across the United States.  This extends not only to supplying small parts and accessories for everyone from frame builders to large chain bike shop but also they have created a diverse offering of bicycles.

In the past month two big things have happened with QBP, first, they launched a new website, which as an outsider (non-dealer) gives you much greater insight into what they do and how they do it.  Second, on December 1st, they officially opened up Q-East a new distribution warehouse based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Why is this important?  Shipping!

While bike shops here in the Twin Cities have for a long time been able order a part and receive it the next day (sometimes the same day), shops as far away as California, Maine and Florida weren’t so lucky.  The folks out West have seen their shipping times cut in half thanks to Q-West (in Utah) and now the same can be said for those on the eastern seaboard thanks to Q-East.

Check out the really cool behind the scenes web post about the launch of Q-East over on QBP’s website.

So if you the average reader aren’t a bike shop, why should you care?  From our viewpoint, QBP is doing a lot of really great things for the cycling community in the Twin Cities as well as around the country.   Also, having the headquarters here in the Twin Cities, they are constantly attracting dedicated and enthusiastic cyclists to the area.  Finally, they help to raise our profile, just check out the mug of the owner of Freewheel Bike greeting new dealers.

So congratulations QBP on the new site and continued growth, keep doing the Twin Cities proud.

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