In Case You Missed It

While we were gone last month a lot of things happened in the Twin Cities Cycling scene. While we weren’t participating or posting, we were watching, and here’s what we saw:

Minnesota Cyclocross Championships.  – On November 19th the Minnesota CX Championships took place.  Unfortunately a border-crosser from Wisconsin (16-year-old Jordan Cullen) won the race, but based on his state of origin, Minnesotan CJ Faulkner get’s the title of Minnesota Cyclocross champion.  Marco over at IBIKEMPLS posted some pictures and video of the event, which just happened to have a little snow falling during the race.

Minneapolis Bicycle Implementation Plan Passes (PDF Link). – Initially passed by the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee in July, the Minneapolis Bike Implementation Plan unanimously passed the Minneapolis City Council’s Transportation and Public Works Committee on November 28th.  This is good news for anyone who calls the streets of Minneapolis home.  Read the full story over on the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition website.



Grid vs. Greenway. – Over at VeloTraffic, Ruben Collins takes a look at the new Minneapolis Bicycle Master Plan from not just a cyclists perspective, but also asks the question of what is the best thing for the city?  Many of us think all infrastructure is good infrastructure for cycling, it is nice to read another perspective.


Accommodating Cyclists story by MPR. – Jessica Mador over at MPR news produced a story that aired last night, covering what else, the ongoing battle between cyclists and cars.  In the story she interviews, a cyclist, a city representative (Shaun Murphy), and a bus driver.  Overall, we would say that this is a balanced story, but re-hashes a bit of the same old story, in fact we imagine that Mr. Murphy is probably getting sick of answering the same questions….  One interesting point is the statement attributed to the bus driver; “Taylor says bikes often try to squeeze between him and the curb as he’s pulled over at a bus stop, fail to yield or dart out in front of his bus as he pulls away. It’s dangerous.”  We have to think that this is not an action unique to cyclists.  Someday we hope to hear, read or watch a news story about how comparatively speaking, bicycles are a safe form of transportation (is this a pipe dream?).

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