Winter Bike Expo – Tomorrow (Saturday)

Every year it seems like more people are willing to give winter biking a try.  We aren’t just talking about the winter mountain bike craze (fat tire) which is sweeping the upper mid-west, but also winter commuting.  If you will pardon the terrible pun, this seems to have a snowball effect, the more riders on the road during the winter, the more fair weather commuters believe that they can just keep riding through all seasons.  Winter commuting was once reserved for the people who didn’t mind hearing, “what, you rode your bike today? You are crazy!” but hopefully with more people in the Twin Cities doing it, maybe it won’t become such a big deal?

Having said all of that, it doesn’t matter if you are a fat-tire rider, a long-time winter commuter, or someone determined to give it a first try this winter, we can all use some advice, and ogle the sweet new winter gear out there.

Tomorrow (December 3rd) Freewheel Bike is hosting the First Annual Winter Bike Expo at the Midtown Bike Center.  If you have ever even thought about riding in the winter, it looks like there are some pretty sweet things going on, along with a Fat Tire Criterium?! (Don’t forget about the beer).  They are also having presentations on winterizing your bike, wheel and tire science and a report from Dave Payman on the Arrowhead 135.

To see the full rundown of events, check out the flyer (pdf link) or head to the Freewheel website.

So why not break out the fat tire bike or whatever you want to ride this winter and meet us there.


8:00 AM Doors Open
9:00 AM Expo Begins
11:00 AM Arrowhead 135
12:00 PM Winter Commuting
1:00 PM Gear Guru
2:00 PM Tire & Wheel Science
2:45 PM Winter Maintenance
3:30 PM Adventure Bike Movie
4:30 PM Beer Tasting
6:00 PM Fat Tire Crit
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