What’s Up With Green Tire Bike Shop?

So a few months back we visited and came to know a brand new bike shop in the Twin Cities, Green Tire Bike Shop.  At the time the shop was run by one guy, who seemed nice enough, and wanted to get a neighborhood bike shop up and running in Saint Paul.  He also said that he was going to supplement his shop with online sales at pretty much rock bottom prices.

Before too long we started to see Green Tire pop up as an option online when we searched for just about anything bike related, and surprisingly they were usually the cheapest option as well.  Now it looks like the old adage “if it looks to good to be true, it probably is” is applicable.

About a month ago is when we first noticed some increased traffic to our post about Green Tire Bike Shop, with some surprising comments about customers getting ripped off.  Essentially, you pay for a product and never receive it.  You can read more reviews on the Google page (currently 1.5 stars), and MTBR forums, pretty much seems to be the same story from everyone.  Their Twitter feed has gone silent, and the website hasn’t been updated in a while so we decided to pop over to the shop to see if they are still have a physical location and the answer is yes.

We were there on a Sunday, and they were closed, along with being closed on Friday, Saturday and Monday.  The stack of newspapers at the front door wasn’t an encouraging sign that they are still around, but peeking in the windows it looks like they still have an inventory.

Does anyone in Saint Paul know what’s going on with Green Tire?  They are giving our city a bad name!

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11 Responses to What’s Up With Green Tire Bike Shop?

  1. Ever since your first article on the shop I have been meaning to stop in but every time I pass it they are closed, too bad.

  2. wjcstp says:

    I’m surprised, i stopped at the store shortly after they opened and they seemed pretty legit. If it had to guess from the MTBR thread, it seems like they got overwhelmed with the logistics of a dropship-based business, and maybe had a bad employee on top of it. The lack of transparency with customers is a deal-breaker though, can’t run a business that way. Too bad, seemed like a promising local shop.

  3. kuando says:

    Jacob seems to be somehow involved with the new Venture North project.
    I too am disappointed. I stopped in early in the spring when they were just getting their feet wet in the business.

  4. Mike A. says:

    Two interesting points I can make:
    1. When they first opened, I ordered from them. While it was not a “good” experience, the product eventually arrived and they credited me reasonably promptly for an out-of-stock item (that interestingly they showed as in-stock). So unless there was really malicious forethought — as in, we’ll operate legitimately for a few weeks and then start ripping people off — I don’t think their original intention was to scam people.
    2. Just yesterday, I got an email from them advertising a sale.

  5. outdrs600 says:

    The actual LBS is not bad. The guy who works there is OK and is a decent neighborhood wrench. He’s not the same guy as the heavier guy who used to work there. The owner keeps the online side separate and it’s apparent that part is not going well. But the shop part is still there.

  6. Kelly Clark says:

    Placed an order on November 21 for a bike rack. Order confirmation said to expect delivery within 12 business days. Contacted shop several times by email to attempt to confirm when item would be shipped. No reply. Left voice mail message. No response. Today, I’ve disputed the charge with my credit card company.

  7. Sara M. says:

    I placed an order with them on November 30. Nothing has arrived. I tried to contact them without any luck. I filed a report with the BBB and disputed the charge with my credit card company yesterday. However, I discovered while looking for the same bike part online again that another company is operating with their same mailing address. Go Get Found (www.gogetfound.com) is also located at 1213 Randolph St. in St. Paul.

    • Kelly Clark says:

      Visited the website Sarah noted. Prices too good to be true. $6.99 flat rate shipping, free shipping on orders over $150. Only email and local address noted; no phone number provided. Be careful.

  8. JoAnn Roberts says:

    I too ordered a bike light for Christmas back in November and have recieved nothing. I will be contacting my credit card company and the BBB. The website is down now too, I have been ripped off.

  9. Gary R. says:

    I ordered several items from them (set of zipp 808’s, front 404, Garmin computers, 3T bar & stem)
    in the late summer/early fall and had no issues whatsoever. I spoke with Jacob a couple times on the phone and he was always helpful and pleasant. They were always quick to respond with emails as well. They had great prices on everything. The last time on was on their site was a little over a month ago and noticed they did not have the same level of products listed as before. I’m sorry to hear they may no longer be in business.

  10. Matt says:

    They took me for 44.71 in mid October 2011. Prices were to good to be true.

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