St. Paul Greenway Initiative Officially Dead

Last month St. Paul Smart Trips announced what those in “the know” have been saying for a year or two, the proposed St. Paul Greenway ain’t gonna happen right now.

The idea has been getting kicked around since about 2009, but after a fairly active year of campaigning ended up with no results, the group’s meeting slowed and then went into hiatus in late 2010.  After another year of no progress and little interest the committee has decided to call it quits.

Anyone who has traveled on the Midtown Greenway knows how important it is to Minneapolis and what a pleasure it is to ride on, so naturally an extension into St. Paul would make sense.  The problem is without political and civic support the efforts won’t get anywhere fast.  Hopefully after another few years, the drum beat for a St. Paul Greenway will start again.

Here is the notice from St. Paul Smart Trips;

The St. Paul Greenway Committee was created in August 2009 by passionate people devoted to developing a vision for a proposed extension of the Minneapolis Midtown Greenway across the Mississippi River east to Pascal Avenue and then south along the Ayd Mill Road Corridor, eventually connecting to the Sam Morgan Trail along the Mississippi river.

St. Paul Smart Trips convened the committee and worked to move their ideas forward. For several years, the City of St. Paul negotiated with CP-Rail for an easement in the Ayd Mill segment of the proposed route. More recently, the city attempted to acquire the land through legal action. The city was unsuccessful in both attempts, and the project is at a standstill until a solution for this critical segment is available. Learn more from the Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition.

After reaching out to members, Greenway committee leaders decided to disband until additional support and clarity for the effort develops. Smart Trips will continue to monitor the situation. When positive momentum emerges, we will resume planning and advocacy efforts to realize a St. Paul Greenway.

We appreciate the strong community support for the Greenway. More than 200 people have registered to stay connected with the committee. Thanks to all who have donated their time, effort and support for this vital link for bicycling in and around St. Paul.

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