Vote For Your Favorite Septmeber TCBPOD

All of a sudden it is October.  Besides the unseasonably warm weather on tap this week (ride, ride, ride) signs of fall are all around us.  It is a great time for riding your bike and a great time for snapping pics!  We hope that you enjoy the Twin Cities Bike Picture of the Day as much as we do, but without your pictures it can’t happen, so keep them coming.

You, the reader, are going to select the winner by casting a vote for your favorite from the top five photos this month.  These five were selected based on the number of page views that they received as of 10.01.2011.  Take a close look at all five then hit up the poll to vote for your favorite, you can only vote once so make it count.  The poll will be open through the weekend and will close at 9:00 a.m. next Monday (October 10th). Check back next week for the winner.

Photos are presented in no particular order, be sure to click on the photo for more information, poll is at the bottom.






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