Tour de Minneapolis This Saturday

The 16th annual Tour de Minneapolis will kick off this Saturday, September 17 at the Green Institute in Minneapolis.

The approximately 20 mile loop is going to feature both the streets, trails and greenways of Minneapolis, and you registration will get you Lunch and Snacks, a Support Vehicle and Mechanical support.

You might also get a chance to see some of the new infrastructure currently under development.

This is a great event, whether you are just a beginning rider who wants to see more of the city, or if you are experienced and are looking for a little bit of cycling camaraderie.

If you register online in advance it will save you $10, otherwise you can register that morning, check-in starts at 9:15 the ride starts at 10:00.

If you don’t get enough of Minneapolis on Saturday, there is also the Minneapolis Bike Tour on Sunday (but we will post on that tomorrow).

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One Response to Tour de Minneapolis This Saturday

  1. Alex says:

    It’s gonna be super-awesome! And we’ll end at Glacier’s Cafe for free custard too!

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