Cycling Through Pregnancy: The Third Trimester Cruiser: By Ellie Carter

It has gotten to that time anticipated in my prior post – switching gears (pun intended) to my 3 speed cruiser from my road bike in order to accommodate the physical changes brought on by pregnancy.  As one would expect, it’s a whole new vibe riding completely upright on some very different bicycle geometry, but also much more comfortable as it was getting a little cramped-for-space in my co-pilot’s cockpit.   I’ve termed the little one “co-pilot” as opposed to the former designation of “passenger” because it has certainly begun asserting more control over how I ride, and not to mention other aspects of life.


Although it’s tough to envision really zooming on a cruiser (ok, with the exception of Pee-wee on his Big Adventure) I’m left with no other choice but to take it slower because of my natural, ever-decreasing cardiovascular capacity (the physiology of this described in the above linked post).

The upside: I’ve become much more observant of my South Minneapolis commute surroundings.  And with my favorite season upon us, only enhances the experience.  The downside: I’ve become the passee rather than the passer.  I’ve never been a speed-demon but neither have I been the one to be passed as frequently as I am now and my egotistical reaction surprised me.  But truly, it takes more effort to propel this style bike and more importantly it’s best I don’t overexert myself because as stated before, I’m now traveling with a co-pilot who presumes to call the shots.  What it comes down to is that while I can no longer rush to make lights and I tolerate getting paced, this is far overshadowed by the pride and enjoyment I get to feel by being lucky enough to continue commuting by bike though this exciting time in my life.


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3 Responses to Cycling Through Pregnancy: The Third Trimester Cruiser: By Ellie Carter

  1. Claudia says:

    Way to go Ele!!!

  2. Cassie says:

    I’ve been watching for you, but maybe you are not on the road at 7:00 AM, Keep up the good, Jeremiah and is it a HE????


  3. Jana Velo says:

    I echo your sentiments about being passed so much while pregnant. This morning I actually passed someone and looked at them like they were from Mars. No idea how they could possibly be slower than I am!

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