Touring Workshop at Freewheel Bike This Sunday By: Joe Reinemann

mentioned previously that Shawn and April of Portland’s Urban Adventure League are pedaling to Minneapolis for a short visit on their cross-continent tour.

Since then, Shawn and April have kept pedaling and we have been busy behind the scenes. I am now happy to report that Midtown Freewheel will be hosting a bike touring workshop that Shawn will be putting on. The event unfolds on Sunday, September 11. Midtown Freewheel will be putting out the spread for this – their will be food and beverages. The Facebook event page is here – please RSVP so Freewheel can get a handle on how many people are coming and get the food right.

Freewheel will be putting on a BBQ beginning at 11:30 AM. The workshop will begin about an hour later. Shawn has done these types of workshops for years, and their current trip (detailed on Shawn’s blog) has been an adventure, so it should be a good time.

It’s nice to see an event organized around touring. I think I’ve noticed an uptick in touring and interest in touring this summer, yet this is an sub-set of the cycling world that doesn’t get much play in the Twin Cities. It will be good to drag this more into the limelight and maybe encourage a few people to give it a go.

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