Ummm… ARTCRANK Kind of Blew Up.

So for those of us who have been around the Twin Cities for a while, we think of ARTCRANK as this awesome, little (ok big) poster show, that is rooted in Minneapolis. Sure, it has migrated to a few other cities, but it is ours right?  Well, when we weren’t looking it got huge.  This week Trek, yeah that Trek, introduced the Trek + ARTCRANK District.  The link will take to you a page about the Trek District as a bike, but it looks like the ARTCRANK specific version hasn’t made its way onto the website yet.

This is kind of a huge deal, check out the video with tons of Minneapolis faces and places.  What do you think, are you getting one?

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One Response to Ummm… ARTCRANK Kind of Blew Up.

  1. richfieldkid1 says:

    I remember falling in love with the orange and gray district when I first built one at my old bike shop job. I am feeling it all over again… (not fair!)

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