PSA – Nice Ride Problem By: Nicole

Nice Ride not being nice?

Myself and a few others have recently encountered a bug with the Nice Ride system. Apparently if you frequent a station quite often, the system does not think you checked in properly; thus, you cannot check a bike out from that station, but checking in bikes still works fine.  You are still able to check bikes out from other stations.

I have dutifully reported my problem and was assured that it was being attended to.  Unfortunately, the only short term fix is to receive a new key fob so if you are being inconvenienced you will want to contact Nice Ride about your issue.

Anyone else having a problem?



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4 Responses to PSA – Nice Ride Problem By: Nicole

  1. Alex B. says:

    Maybe you’re having a different problem, but it’s happened to me twice where I check a bike in and it locks but gives me a red light. Once I emailed and once I called, and they were able to “reset” the station and check the bike in remotely. No temp fob necessary.

  2. Nic says:

    I make sure I get the green light each time. For me, it is specific to the Akerman Hall station. I stick in my fob and get the red light. I do not have an issue checking bikes out at any other station. The person I spoke with at Nice Ride told me that there are a few users having these issues at the stations they use the most (e.g. I was using this station 2-4 times per day).

    I have also recently run into the issue where a station is ‘disconnected’ and you just receive a flashing yellow light. I was frustrated by this because the person I spoke with insisted it was a fob problem – frustrating because 2 of us were at the station at the same time with the same problem. When finally we asked them to check the station, ‘oh! it was disconnected’. I thought it would be an easy fix but 2 hours later my friend had the exact same problem at the same station.

  3. Nicole says:

    My fob is functional again! I avoided the station for a week (though I did check-in bikes) and it seems the problem has been fixed.

  4. Mulad says:

    I’ve had problems with the station over at Curfew & Ellis in St. Paul a few times (just across University Ave from the Westgate complex), but I had only used the station two or three times when I first ran into the problem. I’ve wondered a bit if it’s because the station moved (it was briefly a few blocks north on Territorial Ave, and I did take one trip from there), but I think the new location got a new unique station ID, so I’m not sure what the deal is. I haven’t tried the Curfew & Ellis station for several weeks, though — I work along the UMN transitway, so it turned out to be easier for me to just go down to 29th in Minneapolis.

    (Incidentally, I wish there were stations along the transitway at the intersection with Como Ave and the one with Energy Park Drive.)

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