City of Minneapolis is Hiring

If you live in the Twin Cities and want to work in the cycling industry, there is no shortage of work.  But most of the work revolves around either working in a bike shop or supplying bike shops, here is a chance to do a little something different.

The City of Minneapolis is now hiring a Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator to lead the Bicycle and Pedestrian programs with the city.

Unfortunately, just a love of biking won’t be enough to score you the job, here is a list of qualifications from the full job description;

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Planning, Engineering, Urban Design, a related field or equivalent.

Minimum Experience: Five years of experience, which have included Transportation Planning, Urban Planning and Design, land use planning, project and contract management, transportation demand and patronage

Preferred Experience/License/Certificates: Master’s Degree in a related field; Certified or licensed planner or engineer; League of American Bicyclists certified instructor or skills trained; two years of supervisory experience.

Hopefully the person hired for the job will be skilled at all of these things, after all they will help to control the future direction of cycling in Minneapolis.  If you want to apply here is the application.

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2 Responses to City of Minneapolis is Hiring

  1. Alex says:

    It’s exciting that such a high-up position is being created to manage cycling and ped developments in the City; hopefully this will lead to bigger and better things down the road.

  2. hokan says:

    Too, the new bike-walk center in north Minneapolis is hiring several positions:
    Store Manager; Lead Mechanic; and Educational Services Manager.


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