Stolen Bikes Part I

Everyone who lives in the city knows that this is possible.

I am no exception.

One month after moving into a new house my wife and I awoke to find our garage door open and three bikes missing.

Two of the bikes you can see pictured to the left.

The good news is that bikes are just things and are replaceable.  But somehow that does little to ease the anger and loss that you feel when the bikes are gone.  As daily bike commuters both my wife and I have a deep personal connection to our bikes.  You recall the amount of time it took to build up the bike, the time spent tuning the bike, and the thousands of miles that the bike spent underneath you.

We don’t have this same connection to our car, no, the bike is different.  When someone steals your bike, they aren’t just taking your possession but it feels like they are taking part of your family.

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7 Responses to Stolen Bikes Part I

  1. mfcourteau66 says:

    Having had three bikes stolen, a road bike and two mountain bikes, I can empathize. I keep both of my bikes in my house now.

  2. lowrah says:

    BOO! This is sad news, sorry for your loss.

    But I have to laugh at the mental image I have of someone stealing your bike, trying to throw a leg over, and realizing that you’re a tall drink of water.

    I hope they come back to you!!

  3. richfieldkid1 says:

    I don’t know if you live in / by Saint Paul, but you should try talking to Benita Warnes at MMRB. They see a lot of used bikes and have found stolen bikes before. Hopefully “Part 2” talks about how you got ’em back!

  4. Mike Courteau says:

    Unfortunately, about an hour after I responded to this post, a student of mine who commutes by bike to school everyday told me that his bike was stolen yesterday. They picked his U Bolt and made off with it in broad daylight. Since we are reading Hamlet, my student felt compelled to quip, “Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark.”

  5. Joe says:

    That’s terrible. Get the word out, there’s a chance we’ll find them. Bike thieves really, really suck.

  6. nanook says:

    There is a ring of bike thieves that steal bikes and move them to random locations in the twin cities, lock them to a city street sign for several days and then move them. I’ve noticed several in my southwest minneapolis area and wish there was a website where I could post a picture so the rightful owner could find their bike and get it back. The cops can do nothing, I’ve tried calling them.

    If someone is missing a Blue triathlon-type expensive bike, it’s locked to the Dupont & Minnehaha Pkwy. sign.

    Let’s stop these scumbags from continuing this crime by making it easy to report suspicious bike activity in our neighborhoods.

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