Northeast Bike Lane Meeting Tonight

Photo By; Daily Photos MN Twin Cities - Floyd Jackson

Sharrows. You know these things.  Chances are you have an opinion on them.  Some think that they are a waste of time, some enjoy that they don’t box you in to a specific lane.  

But sharrows on Central Ave NE in Minneapolis, how will that be helpful? 

Central Ave NE is about as unfriendly to cyclists as it can be.  High speed traffic, lots of stop lights, weirdly angled streets joining to make 5 and 6 way intersections, it pretty much has it all.  Tonight at 6:15 at the NE Library (2200 Central Ave NE) the Minneapolis Bike Coalition, and Transit for Livable Communities (TLC) will be hosting an information meeting to try to get the ball rolling on something more than sharrows on Central Ave NE.   

From the Bicycle Coalition Facebook page for the event:

Join members of the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition and Steve Clark, program manager for Bike Walk Twin Cities, to find out how you can work for bike facilities on Central Ave NE.

The MN Department of Transportation will resurface Central Avenue in 2012. Staff at Mn/DOT and the city of Minneapolis have been working on plans, which are not yet finalized. A final design is expected later this year.

What do you think readers?  Should Central Ave NE have something more than sharrows?  We try to avoid Central Ave all together if possible – how about you?

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6 Responses to Northeast Bike Lane Meeting Tonight

  1. Justin Foell says:

    The only time I’m on Central w/ my bike is if it’s mounted to the front of the 10. There are so many better alternatives (Stinson, Johnson, Marshall, Miss. River Trail). Maybe the arrows would calm traffic and make it more bike friendly, but I somehow doubt it. At least cyclists would have some sort of entitlement. Are they thinking of doing it all the way up to 37th?

    • We’ve gotta agree with you on this one, there are a lot of good alternatives to Central if you are biking. We didn’t make it to the meeting so not really sure how far north they are planning for the sharrows/ asking for bike lanes. Hopefully someone who is in the know can respond in the comments here.

    • hokan says:

      If I want to go between downtown and Fridley/Columbia Heights, as I do every week, my only choices are Central or University. I suppose I could take Marshall, but that would add several miles to my route and I don’t see why I should do that. Stinson too is longer and Johnson is too hilly.

      The main issue here is that lots of people already use Central and too many of them are riding dangerously on the sidewalk. The hope is that some accommodation for them on the street will get them riding more safely.

      • It is interesting that this is a response to the current riding habits of cyclists as opposed to something being built to encourage cycling. Is it legitimate to think that sharrows will coax sidewalk riders out into the street?

      • Justin Foell says:

        Yeah, if the arrows went all the way up to 694 where “Old Central” becomes rideable, that would probably be to the greatest benefit.

  2. hokan says:

    Cycle Twin Cities said: “Is it legitimate to think that sharrows will coax sidewalk riders out into the street?”

    Legitimate? Why not? Is there a reason it will fail?

    In any case, many people already use Central and don’t use other streets. What can be done to get them off the sidewalks. What can be done to encourage them to ride more safely.

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