Weekend Cycling Events: 8.5.11

Weekend Cycling Events

Maybe this is the weekend that you are going to jump into some racing.  Why not?

Readers if you know of something happening that you don’t see listed here, put it into the comments section for everyone to see.


Manifest Destiny – This Alleycat race is going down on Saturday starting at 5pm at the Loring Park Fountain.  The event however is not without controversy.   The western style theme of the race (see: stereotypical cowboys ‘n’ indians) has offended some, probably rightfully so.  The organizers of the race are trying to make it right by donating all proceeds to the Minneapolis American Indian Center.  The race itself will be scavenger hunt style, so you should probably bring a bag, pen, etc.

Tour De Tonka –  Minnetonka Public Schools is behind this annual event with the stated mission of; “Tour de Tonka, an annual Minnetonka Community Education multi-distanced bicycle ride through Lake Minnetonka communities for cyclists of all ages, promotes and celebrates healthy lifestyles, friendship, teamwork, and recreation through the collaboration of cities, sponsors, local charities and hundreds of volunteers.” 17, 23, 40, 70 and 100 mile routes available.  Registration is accepted up to the time of the start of the ride on Saturday.

Minnesota State Track Championship (Timed Events) –  It occurred to us that some of you might see the title of this post and think, running events on a track, if that’s the case you might be on the wrong website.  Cycling events on the velodrome are a blast to watch.  The timed events aren’t the most heart pounding, but there are worse ways to spend a Saturday night.  Racing starts at 5pm at the National Sports Center in Blaine.


No Name Alleycat – While hard to believe it is in fact the first Saturday of the month of August, which means that it is time for the No Name Alleycat.  Same rules as usual Meetup at 6:30, at the bandshell near the North/East end of the Stone Arch Bridge. Manifests at 6:45, Race at 7. Recommended equipment: bike, lock, pen, helmet, lights, map. .


If you are headed to any of these events and want to give CTC a re-cap, that would be great, just contact us.

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