Midtown Greenway Cepro Site Construction

Work on the Midtown Greenway Cepro site (just northeast of the Midtown Greenway building) is moving full steam ahead.  Yesterday we stopped by the site to check out the progress and managed to snap a few pictures.

Right now this formerly grassy hillside and great sledding hill in the wintertime, is a dirt filled site, with piles everywhere.  It is all part of the Greenway Coalition’s grand plan to make it a gathering place for the Phillips neighborhood and a centerpiece of the Midtown Greenway.  From the Coalition website: 

It calls for native plantings, a public art rainwater feature descending from 10th Avenue, a performance area in the southwest quadrant, children’s natural play area in the northwest quadrant, continuing unfettered open space in the northeast quadrant, and terraces and benches and swings in the southeast quadrant, while retaining lines for winter sledding.  All recreational features and pathway will be of universal design to serve people with physical disabilities.  Future tasks include identifying parties responsible for long term ownership and maintenance, raising funds, and implementation.

It is awesome that they are going to attempt to keep the winter sledding lines, as long as they don’t dump right out onto path of speeding Pugsley’s.

They are also doing a great job keeping the dirt and traffic from the construction off of the Greenway and 10th street entryway.  The Coalition offices are just around the corner in the DDS building so they can keep a watchful eye over the progress.

Have you experienced any problems because of the construction?


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4 Responses to Midtown Greenway Cepro Site Construction

  1. Pete says:

    Didn’t even notice it last night, must be doing a good job keeping the dirt away. But I did see a cop pull over a group of bikers last night for not having head and tail lights.

  2. Joseph Spangler says:

    The Midtown Phillips Neighborhood Association is the organization representing this area of Minneapolis and they did play a major role in bringing this landscape improvement to development with the use of a large part their neighborhood NRP funds and a lot of hard work.

  3. Nylo says:

    I rode by there the other day and wondered what that was. Thanks for filling in the blanks!

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