Bike City From MPLS.TV

Here at CTC we aim to be a resource to all cyclists in the Twin Cities, but by no means do we expect to be the only resource.  This why we are always happy to see and report on new places on the internet for you to roam.  We love seeing new and unique content about the cycling scene here, because we are all riders too!

Bike City is a part of MPLS.TV and has been up and running for almost a month now and they have some great content.  MPLS.TV is best explained by a visit to their website.  Multi-media is the (hyphenated) word that best describes the site, but put into words:

Founded in 2009, MPLS.TV is a content network produced + curated by a creative, resourceful, Do-It-Together community dedicated to providing entertaining + insightful content to Minneapolis + beyond.

MPLS.TV aims to foster cultural sustainability + growth while uniquely showcasing Minneapolis arts + culture like no one has before.

Everything from weekly weather reports, to video and cycling advice.  Check it out.

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