Top Five CTC Posts From July

It’s that time for us to look back at the month that was, and check out what you, the readers, looked at the most.  July 2011, will be remembered for a bike racing in South Minneapolis, the Bicycle Film Festival, and hot, hot weather.

As of today CTC has been running for seven months.  That seems like a lifetime in internet and in that time we have welcomed a great group of writers to the staff.  We are always looking for new riders with a fresh perspective, so do you have something to say about the Twin Cities Cycling scene?  Let us know, and we will feature a post written by you.

Thanks for continuing to come back everyone!

Let’s take a look back at our most popular posts from the past month.

5) CTC Interview with Bird Industries

4) Joe Reinemann Reviews the Dakota Rail Trail Extension. 

3) Can You Call it Bike-Pooling? By: Ellie 

2) Event Recap: Southside Sprints By: Joe Reinemann

1) Capricorn Bicycles is Leaving the Twin Cities.


Well that’s it!  We look forward to see what everyone likes next month.

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