City Officials Visit Minneapolis

Being named the number one cycling city in the country, has made Minneapolis a model for cities looking to improve their cycling culture.  This month Minneapolis had city officials visit from several other cities around the country including; Columbus, Ohio Portland, Oregon and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Both Pittsburgh and Portland are also known for their cycling friendliness, and being home to many cycling institutions such as UrbanVelo (Pittsburgh) and Bike Portland.

In total, nine officials from Columbus and Pittsburgh came to visit July 13-15.  Why were they in town?  The Bikes Belong Foundation leads workshops as part of its Bicycling Design Best Practices Program and this time it showed off Minneapolis as the host city.  While here the city leaders were provided tours of the cycling infrastructure that we call home as well as leaning more about the many retailers in the Twin Cities area (QBP and Park Tool were two sponsors of the event).  Read more about their visits in the Bicycle Retailer News and on Bike PGH.

The Portland Bike Czar (as he is currently known), was in town for a slightly different reason, both to show off his Portland pride (rocking an I Bike Portland t-shirt) and to help defend the cycling virtues his recently de-throned city (Portland held the #1 spot before Minneapolis).  He was invited to help kick-off Bike Walk Week last month, and had some very interesting things to say about both his city and how our can grow.  Check out some of his comments over at the Bike Walk Twin Cities blog.


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2 Responses to City Officials Visit Minneapolis

  1. Alex says:

    There’s a good write up on the Sierra Club blog about Geller’s visit as well, comparing some of Minneapolis’ stats to Portland:

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