Hiawatha Trail Connection Work Waits for Workers Return

Work should soon resume on the Hiawatha Trail Connection now that the state shutdown and budget battle has ended.  Once completed the Hiawatha Trail Connection will do the job of connecting the Hiawatha Light Rail Trail all the way to Hennepin ave in Downtown Minneapolis.

We stopped by a few weeks ago to snap some pictures and see the progress so far, unfortunately due to the state shutdown not much has happened since that time.

Last Month

This Month


The eastern most part of the trail seems to be almost completed except for a fence or railing that will protect riders from falling to the street below. There is still a good bit of work to be done on the western most parts of the trail, however, once this small section is complete, hopefully it will open up as a part into downtown and onto surface streets.

According to the City of Minneapolis’ project website this is supposed to be done in August, which believe it or not is just a little over a week and a half away.

That's a steep drop

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One Response to Hiawatha Trail Connection Work Waits for Workers Return

  1. hokan says:

    This is a City, not a State project so what’s the holdup?

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