#bikedate By: Jeremy Werst

Jeremy Werst is someone who you might have heard of, if you have been around the Twin Cities Cycling scene for a while.

He created a little something called Mpls Bike Love.  Now he has turned his attention to something new, sparking romance between cyclists. Hmmm, how would this be accomplished you might ask?  How else, the internet.  From Jeremy:

I find myself wanting to meet and hang out with cool single and/or available cyclists all the time, but not meeting enough new people. So I thought about it, and came up with this idea for a monthly ride where other cyclists seeking other cyclists could get together and get to know each other in a comfortable group setting without a lot of the normal date drama. Then I thought about how people could meet other people for more intimate rides using twitter, and the result is something like this:

Monthly Ride:

Casual ride open to all people looking to meet and date other cyclists. Typical stops will include parks and the final destination will usually be a bar or a restaurant. Expect 10-20 miles, perhaps more if people are up for it.

Meets on the third Sunday every month, details about the start and stops will be tweeted on the #bikedate hashtag. Please tweet about it if you’re attending so we have a rough head count.

Hash Tag:

If you’re just looking for someone to meet up and ride with? Tweet it with the hashtag #bikedate so that others can find you. Examples:

MFW 35 Looking for a date to the BFF this weekend – I have a festival pass and nobody to hang out with. Maybe do the race? #bikedate

WFM 26 Picnic dinner for two, after a nice 25 mile loop. You bring the wine. #bikedate

MFM 25 Looking for a crew of dudes to crush it with on some hills in south St. Paul this Saturday. #bikedate


This Sunday will be the first group ride but you can try this out right now, think of it as a companion for missed connections on Craigslist.  So why not get out there and Tweet away!


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