On Campus Cycling Rules

It’s summertime which means students across the country are enjoying class-free days, except those stuck in summer school.  For those of you who find yourself in the second category, the Minnesota Daily has compiled a nice little list of on-campus cycling rules for you to follow.  The nice part is instead of just winging it, they took the time to track down what the actual laws say, and give you tips for staying safe and ticket free.

The overall list is kind of a grab bag of good answers and a few that will make those LCI certified folks out there fuming with anger.  One in particular that had me wondering was the answer to this question:

Can I ride my bike on campus sidewalks?

No, but it’s rarely enforced.

According to campus rules, bikes aren’t allowed on sidewalks that aren’t designated bike paths, but University police admit it’s a rule they don’t have the resources to consistently enforce.

“[Enforcement] would still be sporadic,” Buhta said. “It’s kind of like trying to change the mindset of people.”

In addition to being banned on campus sidewalks, bikes are also not allowed on some city sidewalks, Sanders said. Restricted areas are typically business-heavy districts with a lot of foot traffic like Dinkytown and Stadium Village.

“Especially in congested areas, it can be a real problem,” Sanders said. “Pedestrians feel intimidated by cyclists who are moving faster than they are.”

Buhta said University police plan to step up bike enforcement in the fall, when light-rail construction will force pedestrians to share more space with bicyclists.

We weren’t quite sure if by that they are suggesting that it is in anyway a good idea to ride on the sidewalks or just that you can do it without getting a ticket.  Either way, thanks to the Daily for getting some information out there.

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