Can You Call it Bike-Pooling? By: Ellie

Photo By: Carrie Sandoval

I’ve been commuting by bike to and from work with a companion – in my tummy.  As a long time bike commuter I didn’t really think twice about changing this practice when I found out I was pregnant.  After all, biking is among one of the recommended exercise activities for ladies-with-child as it’s low impact and a good cardio work out.  Luckily, I only live about 3 miles from work so I don’t expect my ever-increasing size-to-distance ratio becoming overly burdensome, at least for a majority of the whole deal.  Plus, I consider my route extremely safe; almost completely along quiet, residential streets.  My commuting machine is a Surly Pacer outfitted with fenders, a rack, and panniers.  That’s suiting me just fine for now but in order to avoid kneeing myself (and my companion in-tow) while positioned over drop bars in the later months, my hubby built up for me from an old Schwinn Continental frame a fabulous 3-speed cruiser!

Another adaptation I expect to begin implementing very soon is leaving from home a little earlier in the morning.  I’ve noticed that even relatively gentle hills have already begun to leave me slightly more winded than usual.  So, I asked my doctor: what gives?  Turns out by the end of pregnancy, women’s plasma (the non-red blood cell component of blood) volume will double, thereby diluting out the red blood cells that carry oxygen to the muscles.  Bottom line, I just have to take it a little easier to account for my decreasing cardiovascular capacity.  That’s fine, I’ll just take my sweet time and enjoy the ride…a friend recently called me “the ultimate Burley” – I guess I have to agree.

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2 Responses to Can You Call it Bike-Pooling? By: Ellie

  1. Lowrah says:

    I love reading about moms on bikes! Keep us updated…

  2. Jana Velo says:

    The part about being winded all the time sucks! I’ve been bike commuting through my whole pregnancy (nearing end of month 8) and hate that just walking up 10-15 steps at home has me winded like I’ve been running. :/ Not much longer, now!

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