Almanzo 100 Profile in Urban Velo

Those of you who troll the internet scouring for every bit of cycling information that you can get your eyeballs on, have no doubt heard of Urban Velo.  Brad and Jeff, the founders and editors of Urban Velo, have been doing it longer than most, and have been able to also create an every other month hard cover magazine (also downloadable for free).

This month (Issue #26) imagine our surprise, when we came across this little article on the Almanzo 100, by none other than Aaron Smith of CTC favorite Minneapolis Musette.

There are a few spots around the Twin Cities where you can pick-up a free copy of the magazine (Freewheel, One-on-One), but they are in short supply and usually go fast.  If you miss out on that opportunity, you can always read through the full article online, look closely and you can even see an Uff-Da thrown in for good measure.

Great article, great pictures, and we love seeing our homegrown event getting some national attention.

Nice work Aaron!

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