Vote For Your Favorite June TCBPOD

Whoa, it’s July.

That means that this summer is just flying by, before you know it we will be bundling up to go outside and ride a bike.  It also means that it is time for you to vote for your favorite Twin Cities Bike Photo of the Day for the month of June.  The winner this month will get a Banjo Brothers Deluxe Medium Expanding Seat Bag, to assist in your summer adventures.

You, the reader, are going to select the winner by casting a vote for your favorite from the top five photos this month.  These five were selected based on the number of page views that they received as of 6.30.2011.  Take a close look at all five then hit up the poll to vote for your favorite, you can only vote once so make it count.  Due to the 4th of July holiday, the poll will be open through the weekend and will close at 9:00 a.m. on Friday (July 8th). Check back next week for the winner.

Photos are presented in no particular order, be sure to click on the photo for more information, poll is at the bottom.


















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