Introducing a New Feature: Ask the LCI

Fortunately, we have a miles and miles of good roads and trails for cycling here in the Twin Cities, but every now and then we can still encounter a challenging situation. Whether it’s negotiating a complicated, busy intersection, commuting downtown, riding in a bike lane that just ends, or trying to cross a busy street at a poorly designed trail crossing, riders all over the Twin Cities are encountering these kinds of issues all the time.

On Tuesday, Cycle Twin Cities discussed our growing  cycling education resources; on Wednesday, we provided a first-hand account from local cyclist and contributor Joe on what is was like to complete League Certified Instructor (LCI) training.

Beginning next week, Cycle Twin Cities will be running a new feature: “Ask the LCI”.

Our hope is that readers will submit real-world questions on difficult or challenging bike situations that you encounter. CTC contributors Nicole (LCI #2167) and Joe (LCI in training) will respond with practical, site-specific advice on how to best handle each situation.

Our goal here is twofold – first we aim to give Twin Cities cyclists the tools to keep them safe and confident when riding around town. Also, we hope to expand the knowledge of Smart Cycling principles, among Twin Cities cyclists so that as cycling continues to increase in popularity, bikes, cars, pedestrians and others can all get along and make safer, happier streets in the Twin Cities.

If you have a cycling situation that you would like to see addressed, please send that question, and a photo of the intersection/crossing/road if possible, to Cycle Twin Cities.

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