Bike Fixtation In Uptown Gets National Attention

Sitting quietly above the Minneapolis Greenway in the Uptown Transit Station is the first ever Bike Fixtation (we see what you did there).

While this repair stand/ vending machine combo has been installed for several months at this location, as of this week, it is starting to get some national attention.

The Twin Cities company (Bike Fixtation)  has been featured on both Urban Velo and Treehugger touting its free tool usage and availability to cyclists in need.

The premise is simple, if you happen to be cycling along in the Uptown area or on the Greenway and are outside of the normal bike shop hours of operation, you pop in spend a little cash and voila’ you have yourself an inner tube, rim strip, sunscreen, bonk avoiding snack, whatever you need.  We haven’t had the need or opportunity to use the machine and fix-it stand yet, but it is comforting to know that it is there.  How about you? Have you used the Bike Fixtation yet, if so what do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.

If you want to see some pretty cool behind the scenes action be sure to check out Bike Fixtation’s post on Minneapolis Bike Love Forums about the installation and usage of the machine.

So far this is the only installation that has been put up, but we hope to see these popping up all over the cities.

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