Quick Tip: Urban Navigation Skills: By Nicole

It can happen to anyone: you have wandered into a town where you are unfamiliar with the streets and your map is of no use. Or perhaps you do not quite fancy yourself a regular Ferdinand Magellan and need a bit of work on how to read a map. Whatever the case may be, you can take advantage of your surroundings to figure out the right way to go.

Now, many can take advantage of natural environmental cues like the stars, the sun or other celestial cues but we are going to focus on something a bit more unnatural, though extremely commonplace: the satellite dish.

We can thank the telecommunications industry for sending up countless geostationary satellites so that we can have satellite dishes that do not have to move to receive signal. Since these satellites orbit above the equator, and we are located in the Northern Hemisphere, all satellite dishes point in a southerly direction. Conversely, if we were south of the equator, the dishes would be pointing north.

So if you are stuck in the middle of urban nowhere and cannot seem to get your bearings, look around and use a clever trick to get yourself on the right path.

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