Cedar Lake Trail Phase III

In a busy biking news week (two weeks ago) this one slipped past us.  After a few years of construction Cedar Lake Trail (phase III) is now completed and open, and will take you all the way to the river.

This is the last portion of the Cedar Lake Trail that needed installation and has been in progress since July of last year.  What you might not know is that this project was 20 years in the making and this section, through downtown, was by far the most expensive stretch, costing between $1-$2 Million for just one mile of trail.

On the City of Minneapolis project website, this is the first of three bike specific projects scheduled to be completed this year, also set for completion; Hiawatha Light Rail Trail Connection into downtown, and the U of MN Bikeway Phase III.

Has anyone had the chance to ride on Phase III yet?  What do you think?

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4 Responses to Cedar Lake Trail Phase III

  1. NE doesn’t get any love 😦

  2. Marie says:

    Phase III is a gift from Heaven! Navigating around Target Field, especially during Twins games, was a big hassle. It’s so nice to be able to zip right by the hustle and bustle of downtown!

  3. crossn81 says:

    Love it!! It makes a great loop for a 15 mile ride!! Greenway to Kenwood Exit to Cedar Lake Trail to River Road to Greenway.

    It is also kind of fun to be down by Target Field, Northstar, etc. The other night alot of pedestrians were using it after the Twins Game too!

  4. Lowrah says:

    Grease Rag did Ph III on our ride into NE for our kick-off party and it was pretty smooth going. I don’t like where the trail crosses the river road though. Kind of dangerous, and cars are not looking for you. I agree that it makes a nice loop though! It is awesome to be able to cut around Target field via the trail, but make sure you have a bell on your handlebars when the Twins fans are milling about…

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