Hub Mural Interview Extra

Over on Minneapolis Bike Love we posted a little interview we did with Chris Huff of the Hub Bike Co-op in Minneapolis about their new larger than life building mural.  Luckily we had enough content to spill over into another post, so we figured that we would share it right here on Cycle Twin Cities.  Below we have a series of pictures that didn’t fit into the original article but are pretty damn cool.  Be sure to head to MBL and check out the full interview with Chris.

An early design that the Hub folks were interested in:

Another design that piqued their interest:

The final mural sketched out:

Full design: 

Ben Bayne pops lines:Close-up detail:

The full finished mural:

 Those of you who have seen it in person, what do you think?

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One Response to Hub Mural Interview Extra

  1. Lowrah says:

    I am imagining the mural with cat faces now. Sweet.

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