It’s Bike/ Walk To Work Day! What are you doing?

When we woke up this morning, we could hardly believe it.  The day of a Twin Cities bike event has arrived, and for once the weather is just about perfect!  No rain, slightly cool in the morning and forecasts for 70 degrees in the evening.

It’s Bike/ Walk To Work Day, and hopefully you have made it in safely on your bike and stayed flat-tire free.

Those of you who follow our musing on Cycle Twin Cities might have seen our previous post about the Twin Cities skipping out on the National Bike To Work Day in May.  We might owe the folks scheduling this event an apology after questioning the wisdom of changing Bike (and walk) to Work Day to June.  This year, luck was on their side, we avoided the crappy weather that seemed to take up the entire month of May, and somehow missed the oppressively hot heat of earlier this week.

Hopefully everyone got a chance to check out Joe’s post earlier this week about where to snag free food and coffee on your way in.

Due to the fact that there were far too many events for us to get to (and still make it into work) we are looking for your help.  Where did you stop today on your way in?  What was the turn out like where you went?

Let us know in the comments, or as always you can send us an email.


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3 Responses to It’s Bike/ Walk To Work Day! What are you doing?

  1. Joe R. says:

    I think there were more free-food stops this year (the good news) but they were more spread out, so that made it harder to string a few stops together on the way into the office.

    A friend and I met up and rode to Freewheel Midtown for waffles and ran into a ton of people I know there and then rode to the Govt Center downtown and saw friends. The turn out at the Govt Center was disappointingly low, due to the chilly wind and a lack of publicity for the event, we speculate. We saw lots of people riding around on the trails and streets, however.

  2. Marty Mathis says:

    I biked straight into downtown Minneapolis off of the Cedar Lake Trail. Nice showing outside the Government Center. All of the vendors were accessible and fun to chat with. It was good to see the Mayor there.

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