TC3-SAS Comes to St. Paul: By Joe Reinemann

Those mysterious people behind the Twin Cities 3-Speed Adventure Society (TC3-SAS) have emerged from their top-secret Skunkworks to unveil the next 3-speed Adventure: an invasion (albeit a slow-moving invasion) of the lovely and essentially defenseless city known as St. Paul.

We will begin our exploration of this mysterious realm by meeting at 10:00 AM at The Cross (otherwise known as the scenic overlook of the Mighty Mississippi on East River Road at Summit Ave) on Sunday, June 19.
The ride promises to deliver the architectural stylings of Cass Gilbert as well as sight seeing and photo-ops at some of the haunts of St. Paul’s own F. Scott Fitzgerald. There may very well be an eatery thrown in for good measure…

Like all TC3-SAS adventures, the pace will be leisurely, the fellowship companionable, and the focus of the ride on experience of Place and enjoyment of cycling rather than “personal best” or “most expensive kit”. Despite our dedication to planetary gearing, TC3-SAS celebrates diversity of drivetrains, and welcomes riders of any bike suitable to English Roadster pace. After that, minor things like race, creed, gender, age, sexual preference, degree of bike-culture coolness and anything you else you can think of is an after-thought in my book.

We aim to win hearts and minds first; we’ll go after the gearing systems later.

I have it on good authority that there might be a little extra treat for those that show up, too

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