University of Minnesota Transitway Detour By: Nicole

Riders that commute on the U of M transitway may have had a surprise when heading into work a few weeks ago. Part of the transitway, from the stadium to Malcolm Ave is closed for LRT construction. Why is the transitway under construction? It will be widened in order to accommodate the LRT tracks, two lanes for buses and a bike/ped trail.

Cyclists are being advised to detour onto Malcolm Ave and head onto University Ave. Orange bicycle share-the-road signs have been posted visibly along the detour. Additionally, I noticed the U of M electronic sign near St Mary’s Ave SE (heading westbound) having a “CAUTION”, “Increased cycling traffic”, “Share the road” message up.

It is feasible to take 4th St SE instead of University but the road is in pretty rough shape and is bordered by a car graveyard on both sides, which could make for a more stressful ride. Maybe we could get in on a little asphalt leftover from the E River Pkwy re-do? I have been taking University, which I have found to be fine as long as I watch my distance from parked cars and claim adequate space in the lane. Additional options are to head north through Dinkytown and taking Como Ave or Elm/Kasota, or taking a more scenic dawdle through the Prospect Park neighborhood.

Use caution on the detour as the route will have more exposure to trucks and heavier bus traffic. Do not ride on the right side of vehicles! Commute Orlando has a terrific infograph on blind spots and how to drive your bike appropriately around large vehicles.

For more detailed information on the Central Corridor around campus, go here. If you are detouring on University, please note that this week’s update shows lane changes near University/Huron/23rd St due to Xcel work.

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One Response to University of Minnesota Transitway Detour By: Nicole

  1. Mulad says:

    4th Street SE was already in rotten shape when I was living at U Village 10 years ago. I hope it gets repaved soon.

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