24 Hour Race Coming to South Minneapolis [Updated]





We are still working on getting some more information on this one, but they have a website so they must be legit!  Want to do 24 hours of bike racing but don’t want to leave the friendly confines of the Twin Cities?  The folks over at Powderhorn 24 have you covered.  The same weekend as the Salsa Two-Four a, yet to be named group, plan to host a 24 hour race in an around South Minneapolis.  According to the website the following race categories are up for grabs:

– Solo Female
– Solo Male
– Team of 2-6 Racers: Female
– Team of 2-6 Racers: Co-Ed
– Team of 2-6 Racers: Male

Registration is set to open on July 1st open today and runs through July 15th, so get yourself ready for what could be a ridiculously good time.  We will keep you posted with details as they come in.

[UPDATE]: We managed to speak with the organizers of the event today and picked up the following information;  Registration is open today and will run through July 15th. Check the registration page here.  Also, we figured we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t check but in response to our question about if it is a legitimate race or guerilla style we learned this:

It’s a legit race run in a grassroots way. We’re lucky in that, with the style of race, we don’t need any city permits. But the city and local police precinct is aware that it is going on and we are working with the neighborhood organization and park board to put it on.

Sweet!  We can’t wait.


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