Cranky’s Bicycle Bar: A Work in Progress

Cranky's Coming soon?

We first told you about Crankys Bicycle Bar, way back in January of this year. In fact, it was one of the very first stories that we ran here at CTC, so we feel like we have a special connection to the place.

Potential future owner and driving force behind the bicycle themed bar, Ross Stangler, believes that it will be a place for cyclists to gather and drink beer and eat good food.  That seems to have called to a lot of people, with over 500 Facebook fans, and countless comments, there certainly seems to be a willing and eager clientele, the only thing missing? Money.

According to a recent article in the City Pages, Ross is waiting on about $475,000 in funding before being able to select a location and open the doors.

Honestly, when we first heard about this in January we had visions of sitting on a patio, next to our bike, enjoying a beer and the summer, at this point it looks like it might not be until next summer, if at all.

We really hope that Ross gets the help that he needs to get this place open, while there are plenty of coffee shops and other places to meet up, this seems like it would be a good place to start and end rides of a social nature…. Anyone with a load of cash want to chip in?

In the mean-time where are your favorite spots to meet up for a pre or post ride beer?

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