Nice Ride Expansion Sites Announced

Last week the Twin Cities bike share program Nice Ride announced their planned expansion locations throughout the Twin Cities. It was way back at the Minnesota Bike Summit when Nice Ride announced both the funding for, and expansion of additional stations across the river into Saint Paul and into additional neighborhoods of Minneapolis, but until now we didn’t know where all of those extra bikes were going.

Contained in the announced map (PDF), are locations that will be installed this summer and have already been funded, unfunded locations that are possible for this summer, and stations that are planned for roll out next summer.  Where are they going? Well, pretty much everywhere.  For the push into Saint Paul, there is a real focus on creating a corridor with more stations on East Lake Street, then onto Marshall ave, University ave and Summit ave.  Another push going down this year is a move further into Northeast Minneapolis, which seems to make sense from a ridership perspective.

For those of you living in South Minneapolis it looks like you are going to have to wait one more year to get some stations near you, besides Uptown the stations still won’t go any further south than Lake Street until next year.

With news that our friends to the North are losing massive amounts of money on their bike sharing, we are happy to see that Nice Ride is taking their time in expansion hopefully remaining solvent for a long time to come.

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One Response to Nice Ride Expansion Sites Announced

  1. hokan says:

    The problems at Bixi are worrisome because it is they who supply and support the NiceRide system.

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