Northside Bike Walk Center Approved

After seven months, multiple rounds of bidding, and one rejection, the Northside finally has an approved proposal for a bike walk center.

For those of you who have been watching this story develop over the past few months, you may be interested to learn that the organization which finally won the center, was not part of the original round of bidding and controversy.  You can read all about the bidding, and rejection of the original round here.

The organization that took home the $350,000 grant is Redeemer Center for Life, who have run a bike-repair and sales program for several years already.  The hope is that the center is open by the middle of the summer, and will be located at 1830 Glenwood Avenue which is just about as far south as you can get and still be on the Northside.

The only condition that was put onto this by the city was that a more appropriate name to reflect that connection to the Northside, the previous plan was to call it the “Bassett-Creek Bike Walk Center”.  This proposal was the only one received by the city council for this round of funding requests, you can see the accepted proposal here (warning PDF Link).

We are excited to see the resolution of this process and that the Northside is actually going to get a bike shop that hopefully meets the needs of the neighborhood.

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