TC3-SAS Ride Report: By Joe Reinemann

On Wednesday evening, the Twin Cities 3-Speed Adventure Society met for a short ramble around downtown. The weather was much better than our previous rides, and cool folding bikes were well represented, with both a Brompton and a Raleigh 20 making the ride.

As we waited for everyone to show up, it was fun to watch all the Nice Rides fly out of the kiosk on 8th Street; by the time we left there were NO Nice Rides left at all! Congratulations, Nice Ride!

We enjoyed a slow ride down Nicolet Mall from the IDS Center and than meandered through Loring Park before touring the Sculpture Garden. We then rode the Kenilworth Trail to the Twin’s stadium and picked our way through the North Loop to the river. We hereby nominate the bike lane on 4th Ave. in the North Loop as worst bike lane in Minneapolis.

We continued on to Boom Island, exploring both Boom Island Park and Nicolet Island before stopping for food and beverages at Aster Cafe. Great conversation and great refreshments were enjoyed before saddling up to catch sunset on the Stone Arch bridge. The clouds, low, golden sun, skyline and mist from the falls combined to make a magical tableau and the perfect cap to our ride.

This was our first weeknight ride, and we call this experiment a success. We will likely do more weeknight rides in the future (in addition to the longer weekend rides) since this was a nice way to cap the work day.

TC3-SAS is about the ride. We socialize and give ourselves permission to stop and take a photo or savor a view. We ride a little slower to make that possible. Despite the name, TC3-SAS welcome all like-minded cyclists regardless of whether or not they show up on an internally geared bike and/or know what “planetary gearing” means.

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