Minneapolis Bike Boulevard Markings: Impossible to Miss

So if you have been anywhere in the vicinity of the 40th Street bike boulevard in the last week, it is impossible for you to have missed these.  Huge, gigantic sign depicting the fact that you are traveling on a bike boulevard.

How big are they?  If you were to lay your bike down in the street next to this, it would be about the same size, seriously.

Also, they are everywhere.  Every intersection that a car could possibly turn from they would have to see one of these painted on the road in front of them.  It appears that the city is making a big push on the Bike Boulevards, which we are happy to see.  We have previous shared our disdain for the bike lanes, but only because they are unusable for 6 months out of the year.  The Boulevards on the other hand, are just lower traffic, with this new signage (or paintage maybe?) it lays down some clear distinctions between this and other streets.  They seem to be only one step away from completely closing it down to other traffic.

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3 Responses to Minneapolis Bike Boulevard Markings: Impossible to Miss

  1. Reuben says:

    I hope the markings weather well. I expect the City will have to re-paint these at least every 2 years if they are to remain visible. I don’t know what kind of maintenance on these symbols the City has planned. They look great brand new, though!

  2. Pete says:

    They seem to be pretty durable, the also used reflective-type paint, my headlight was was lighting them up good last night.

  3. Elsie says:

    I have to say, having just gone to 40th to see what this new bike boulevard is, the markings are far from impossible to miss–they’re hard to find, in fact. I drove along the majority of the length of the bike boulevard, and only found 2 places where the pavement marking was visible– the rest were completely obscured by the snow and ice that is adhered to the pavement for the winter. In considering this and further bike routes, would the city consider making them a priority for winter maintenance? Not only does the insufficient clearing make the markings invisible, but it’s harder to navigate such bumpy ice on a bike than in a car.

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