Maps Galore!

This year cyclists in the Twin Cities have an array of free cycling maps to choose from to help navigate the many miles of bike trails and lanes.  We swung by our local bike shop to pick some up and check them out.

Minnehaha Media Maps: You should be used to seeing these maps around.  They are ad supported and have been around for several years now. They have both a Minneapolis and Twin Cities Regional Trail Map.  The big bonus to these maps are that they fold up very small and are quite portable, good for taking with you when you are riding around town.  The downside is that, while this is what helps to keep it free, one side is all advertisements so where we could have an insert of downtown Minneapolis, we instead have ads.

City of Minneapolis Map: This was produced by Hedberg Maps, for the City of Minneapolis and is being distributed for free.  Unlike Minnehaha Maps you won’t find any ads in this one, which means that you have both sides of the paper for tons of maps, detailed maps, and resources.  Once unfolded this thing is huge, so big, that unless you are carrying a backpack or front bag, you might not want to bring this with you on a ride. This is going up on a wall here at CTC headquarters to help plan out routes, when we are heading to unfamiliar territory.

Hennepin County Road and Bike Map: This map, which is being provided for free by Hennepin County, is a map of both bicycle trails and also of roads.  This map definitely had some challenges to try to include all of Hennepin County.  As you can probably imagine, because it is not a dedicated bicycle map, it will more likely provide you with a general idea of where paths are, and what they connect to, instead of specific detail.  But if you are heading out to Minnetrista having this map is better than nothing!

Here is a comparison shot of all of the maps unfolded, click on the picture to see a large copy and let us know in the comments what you think about the maps.

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2 Responses to Maps Galore!

  1. lowrah says:

    The free Minnehaha Media maps also have the sponsors’ (bike shops) locations marked on the map. Has come in handy when I need to know how far I have to walk to the nearest LBS. Bonus- MM makes a St. Paul map, which saved me in an alley cat once…

  2. hokan says:

    Some of the free ones are nice, but the best I’ve seen costs around $15. It’s called the Twin Cities Bike Map and it’s available at most shops and at the maker’s web site:

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