Stupid, Stupid, Stupid – Bad Decisions.

We’ve all been there.

Cruising along on your bike, approaching an intersection, not wanting to lose all of the sweet energy-saving inertia you have built up.  There is a red light staring you in the face.  You know the right thing to do, sit back on your brakes and wait for the light to change giving you the legal right of way. As you approach the intersection you are still rolling so you look both ways and see that no cars are coming and glance up at the stop light noticing that the other light has turned to yellow, so you decide to just roll through.

Whoop, whoop.  Police siren and lights.

Drivers license request.  Speech about increased enforcement.

$98 ticket.  Totally deserved.

Stay safe out there folks.

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7 Responses to Stupid, Stupid, Stupid – Bad Decisions.

  1. Luke Francl says:

    My friend just got one of these. Oops. Law’s the law, though.

    I wish they would step up enforcement of cars turning without signaling. It’s an epidemic and it’s really dangerous, especially for cyclists and pedestrians. I think that’s a $200 fine, so the city could make some serious scratch considering the number of people who turn without signaling.

  2. Anon says:

    Agreed. Let’s eliminate the car/bicycle double standard. We should all follow the laws of the road if we are to share it equitably.

    Considering that snafus at turns are what killed Audrey Hull not too long ago, stepped up enforcement or changes to how vehicles should behave at right turns with a bicycle lane might be worth thinking about…

  3. domotion2011 says:

    Ticket aside, lucky for you it was only a ticket this time. Equitable standard for cars and bikes aside. Thanks for the heads up about enforcement.

    In the habit of hurrying on the street or failure to concentrate eventually leads to stupid and painful consequences. Having skill does not imply common sense. Arrive Alive.

  4. nolan peterson says:

    It’s silly that we just accept this label of being lumped in with cars, a bicycle running a red light does not pose the safety risk that thousand pound metal vehicles do. It should be a small fine and a jaywalking ticket that does not go on your drivers record. According to this statute a vehicle does not include any human powered vehicles.

  5. hokan says:

    Nolan, the statute you pointed to is specifically about vehicle titles. Many of the statutes have definitions that differ from each other. Chapter 169, the driving rules, does define a bike as a vehicle and a bike rider as a driver.

  6. buckle says:

    I am just curious. Where exactly did you get the ticket? Were you downtown or out side of?

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