Two New Twin Cities Cycling Websites

In case you haven’t noticed May is bike month.  Seems like a good time for two Minnesota organizations to launch new websites dedicated to cycling.  Technically, neither of the organizations are new, but the websites are, and they look great!

Bike MN – Minnesota cycling advocacy and educational organization, BikeMN has really taken their website to the next level.  With the help of Clockwork Active Media Systems, BikeMN has put out an update to their site that brought it from the 1990’s look they were sporting to something that is really nice to look at.  We are assuming that along with the update is going to be a change in the amount of updating that goes on.  With separate sections for news, events, and advocacy it is a lot easier to keep up with the group.

Minnesota Go – The State of Minnesota Department of Transportation is trying something new to get feedback on the State’s transportation future.  This site is not exactly cycling specific, but we want to be a part of any conversations about the future of transportation in the Twin Cities.  Looking at the site it appears to be a government attempt at social networking centered around one issue.  The more cyclists involved the better.   

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