Bandit Cross Report.

We can’t be all places at all times, but lucky for us, the internet can.  Tony Meysenburg sent us a link to his web based re-cap of Bandit Cross from this past weekend.  We have posted an excerpt from his website, but please follow the link to check out the full report!  

“It would be impossible to call the day a win in the conventional sense. In a field of 18, I finished dead last. The kind of last where I’m pretty sure I heard the winners crossing the line as I was leaving the forest to start the long stretches of the last lap. I was covered in mud, my bike was probably as knocked out of alignment as I was, and to add insult to injury, I was cramping up.

However, It would be impossible to consider the day anything but a gigantic, outstanding win. The morning started like our spring has been so far, cold and rainy. By the time I rode up the Cedar Lake trail with the wind at my back having only the slightest idea where I was going, it was sunny and warm. After some searching and a phone call, (thanks Dude who answers the phone at One on One,) I arrived at Hobo Camp to find a motley group tending to trails, getting a fire pit ready, and having some beers. Sizing up my ‘competition’ I realized that me and my Univga, (almost as old as I am,) were in a field of hardcore enthusiasts. Unique and beautiful bikes being ridden by the most friendly people all rolled up and were greeted like family. The atmosphere was delightful.”

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