Event Recap: Minnesota Sufferfest… Err.. Ironman

In mid-January, the thought of a beautiful spring morning in the month of May really must beckon us all.  This is the only reason that we can think to explain why so many of us rolled out from Lakeville North High School Sunday morning for the 45th annual Minnesota Ironman.  On Friday we hoped that it was going to be 30 mph winds and 40 degree weather, that slightly came true with 20 mph winds but only 38 degree weather.

One glimpse of sun at 11:45 that was so brief, if you would have blinked it would have completely passed you by.  Howling winds and a few poor wardrobe choices (not thick enough socks or gloves) for the first fifty miles made a paceline almost a necessity, and required the purchase of “Hot hands” at the first rest stop.  Ok, now that all the complaining is over with, here are a few highlights:

1) Big wheel unicycle crew (managed to snap a picture of one).  We think that they rode the 68 mile route.

2) Despite the weather, there were so many riders out, it was great to see the roads packed with cyclists.

3) At the second to last rest stop we got a good chuckle out of a sag wagon driver doing a pretty hard sell on giving us a ride back.  Seriously only 30 miles (out of 105) to go and he did all but offer to carry us back.  We politely declined.

4) Heading East on the course with the 20 mph tailwind, almost made struggling through the headwind worth it.  Something about going 25 mph without too much effort is really a lot of fun.

5) By far the biggest highlight: Finishing 105 miles on a May day that felt like a February day.

We are still sitting by the heater trying to warm up.

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