Audrey Hull Memorial Ride Reflection by Lowrah

Film by: Aleutian Calabay calabayproductions
Music Credit: The Pines

Yesterday, April 27th, I joined over a hundred cyclists in a memorial ride for Audrey Hull.

Audrey Hull was killed by a truck on April 21st at 15th Ave. SE and 4th St. in Dinkytown, by the McDonalds. I did not know Audrey personally, but by all accounts she seemed like a spunky, smart, beautiful person that will be missed very much.

A ghost bike has been placed on the spot as a memorial, and also as a reminder to be extra vigilant at that busy intersection. Her friends and family have left tributes to her at the spot, and it is really touching to go and see the happy kitty cards and playful photo of Audrey near the spot where she died.

Photos by Eric Shoultz

Riding in the group people started to open up. We got supportive honks from passing cars, people along the street encouraged us, and it was a really positive experience. Throughout the ride I worked up the nerve to ask a few people, “Why are you riding today?”

“I normally don’t like to emphasize the negative aspects of biking, so I had to think about why I wanted to come out and ride. In the end, I saw that Audrey’s family wanted this ride to happen, so I came out.”
“It could have been me.”
“I am a friend of Kyle Torfin’s, and I am a cyclist.”
“I’m a U of M student. He’s a U of M student. We ride that stretch of road every day.”
“I hope this is the last memorial ride that we have to do this year. No more deaths!”
“Weddings and funerals tend to bring us all together. It’s good to see that people care enough to come out and ride.”
“I’m here to show some bike solidarity. We are all in this together.”
“I’m here because that could be any one of us. If something ever happens to me I would want all of my friends and family to come out here and support me like this.”
“This is our community and when one of us is killed it affects us all.”
“I first heard about Audrey’s death when a friend called because I matched the description of a ’25 year old Asian female’ that was killed while riding her bike, and they wanted to make sure I was still alive. It could have easily been me.”

The last quote is mine.

To read an expanded version of my reflection on the memorial ride for Audrey Hull, please visit the Grease Rag blog.

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