Product Review: Black Rose Messenger Bag

This is our last in a series of product reviews from Black Rose Bags.  Be sure to check out a profile of these folks here.

When we first opened up our package from Black Rose and began pulling out items, it was a bit like opening a box from our grandfather’s attic.  Piece by piece we oggled the cycling specific gear, which was free from the plastic clips, synthetic polymers and ballistic nylon we are used to seeing in messenger bags.  The one which were most excited to try out was the Black Rose Messenger Bag, which looks similar to a Timbuk2 bag…. from WWI.

The first thing that will strike you about the bag are the craftsmanship, and attention to detail that clearly went into making this bag, the finish on the rivets already look like they have been aged for 20 years, we can’t imagine how much character they will have after a few years of use.

If you are buying this bag, you are buying something that you intend to use for decades to come.  The leather straps and thick canvas are going to continue to be held on until your kids wear it out.  The initial concern that we had, was how will this bag hold up to the sloppy, salty Minnesota winters, so we took it out for a fenders free, melty day in March. When we got home, and slung the bag off our shoulder we expected to see a bag as soaking wet as the back of our jacket, but to our surprise the was and muck was beaded on the outside of the waxed canvas, as was as easy to wipe off as water on plastic.  Check out our pictures below for the evidence.

Pros: We particularly like the positioning of the straps which allows the bag to sit flat on your back, no matter where you put it.  This thing is huge as you can see in the picture, we were able to get clothing, lunch, etc., fit into the bag for a full day.  As always the folks at Black Rose have constructed a rugged, versatile and attractive looking bag.

Cons: Our only complaint about this bag, was one that we have with most messenger bags, the strap.  While this strap is made out of a sturdy but soft material, whenever the bag is loaded down it had a tendency to cut into our collarbone.  We would love to see an option for adding a padded strap for when we are lugging the world around in the bag. Also the addition of a light loop to attach our blinky light would bring perfection.

The Black Rose Messenger Bag is available from Black Rose on their ETSY page.


Like the looks of this bag?  Check back on Monday to learn how you can win our testing unit for yourself!

As always Cycle Twin Cities did not receive any paid considerations for this review.

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