Greenway Closures

Picture from the Midtown Greenway Coalition

Those of you who use the Midtown Greenway every day have no-doubt noticed that certain sections of the trail have been closed, detouring you up to the street to ride.  It has been hard to notice a discernible pattern to the closures.  One thing that we can say for sure is that the workers get pissed if you ride through the work zone.

The Greenway Coalition posted some more information about the closures this weekend and this help to show why the Greenway is closed, but doesn’t necessarily give out a defined pattern.

From the Midtown Greenway Coalition’s website:

“City workers have begun to address the deterioration of the underside of the bridges that cross over the Greenway. This is a big job and will take some time. We are working closely with the city to minimize trail closures and detours. Workers work from 7-3:30pm Monday through Friday and only one section will be closed (between entrance ramps) at a time. Check back here periodically for more information.”

We are happy to hear that the bridges are getting a facelift, especially if it prevent one of the overpasses from actually collapsing onto the Greenway.  Keep an eye out for the detour signs, and be sure to follow them!

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One Response to Greenway Closures

  1. moose says:

    From what I can tell, they started on the eastern end (near Sabo bridge, not all the way to the river) and they are gradually moving west. The closure was at the Nicollet Ave exit this morning. It’s been shifting westward from Sabo since last week.
    A lot of the time they allow you to walk your bike through/around the work site. You don’t always have to detour out to the road again.

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