Introducing A New CTC Contributor: Joe Reinemann

A few weeks ago, we sent out a call for new contributors to join up with Cycle Twin Cities. What we expected, maybe a fresh journalism student or inexperienced writer, what we got? Something much better!

We have been following the writing of Joe Reinemann (AKA Snak Shak) over at his blog Snak Shak for a while.  Joe brings bike blogging experience, and yet another new fresh perspective for CTC!

Joe is an avid bike commuter, an active member of MplsBikeLove forums and a regular volunteer at Mr. Michael Recycles Bicycles.  He is currently involved in a variety of bike advocacy issues and is the creative force (and sometimes the muscle behind) the Twin Cities 3-speed Adventure Society.  In addition to maintaining his own blog Joe will be contributing periodically to CTC.  With his unique perspective he also brings a dry sense of humor to cycling in the Twin Cities.  By day he is a mild-mannered executive in a Minneapolis Consulting Firm.

Welcome Joe!

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3 Responses to Introducing A New CTC Contributor: Joe Reinemann

  1. Lowrah says:

    Yay! Snak Shak’s blog is awesome.

  2. 2f4l says:

    i knew this was a great picture.

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