Weekend Cycling Events: 4.22.11

Weekend Cycling Events

Something to do everyday! Hopefully the weather predictions stay right and we actually get some spring weather on Sunday.


Police Bike Auction – You can start looking at the bikes at 4:00, or you can check them out online right now (follow the link). It is held at the Minneapolis Police Warehouse, 6024 Harriet Ave. S. and all the fast talking starts at 6:00.   Show up early and don’t forget cash or check only.


Minneapolis Bike Polo New Player Day – Admit it, you have always been a little bit curious about bike polo right?  Today’s the day that you can try it out.  Assuming that it doesn’t snow again, join the rockstars of Minneapolis Polo at Corcoran Park in Minneapolis between 1:00-5:00.

Re-Cycle Swap Meet –  Sweet! Another swap meet.  There is free admission and $10 for a table.  It is being held at 2718 University Ave SE.  This is officially the closest swap meet to the Twin Cities, so enjoy that it is one you can actually bike to.


Learn-To-Bike Class – Want to learn how to ride a bike, but missing a bike, an instructor and a place to do it?  Well this class has all three, and it so happens to be free.  1-3 pm at 2310 Snelling Ave in Seward.  

Campus Criterium: As long as you don’t have any pressing Easter Sunday plans, why not take in a race right in the hear of the U of M campus? Crit racing is about as exciting as you can get with cycling races.  Up close action and you get to see the racers go round and round.  There will be racing most of the day but the Cat 1/2/3 racers (best) kick-off at 12:25.  Check out more information, including a preview of what to watch for at Minneapolis Musette.

If you are headed to any of these events and want to give CTC a re-cap, that would be great, just contact us.

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