Bike Auction Pictures Online

This Friday the City of Minneapolis will be hosting the second police bicycle auction of the year, at their warehouse in South Minneapolis.  One feature that we recently discovered is that the City’s Auction company of choice, The Auction Center, has begun posting photos online of the bikes that will be available for the upcoming auction.

It used to be that it was a complete crap shoot you show up and see what you can see before the auction started, there might be only junk or you might stumble onto something great.  With the listing of bicycle and corresponding pictures you can now know before you go, and hopefully not waste your time.

Check out the photos online here, and let us know if you are going to go to the auction!

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2 Responses to Bike Auction Pictures Online

  1. Randall says:

    Epic non-drive side photo fail.

  2. tom says:

    Photo link shows a fantastic HTTP 404 up for bid. I’m there, dude!

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